L'Equilibre entre Terre et Ciel


My care consists in detecting and eliminating dissonant information or energies then in recovering the circulation of energy in different bodies

This dissonant information is often the source of our problems, illnesses, symptoms and difficulties at different levels


This care acts on all health problems and difficulties at various levels.


Bioenergetic treatments allow:


- To understand our blockages

- To release our emotional charges and obsessive thoughts

- To release ancestral memories and the wounds of childhood

- Recover energy circulation in areas in lack

- Rebalance and harmonize the energy of your organs and glands

- To suppress mental sabotage, limitations

- To correct the shifts at the level of the vertebrae and joints

- To remove many pains


The energy can thus circulate freely again in the body and allows to find the whole and the well being.


Beginners care by an exchange to know your situation then a quick energy scan is done to allow me to target the problem a little more.


Then the treatment begins:


Grounding of your energy charges is made, stagnant energies are released, energy parasites, entities or all other foreign energies are removed.


The blocks at the level of the chakras, the organs and the glands are removed.


There follows a harmonization and reinformation of the different bodies,

A recirculation of energy is made and the areas lacking energy are filled.


To do this care, I use my clear feeling, certain extrasensory perceptions to "touch and see" the blockages that hinder the proper functioning of the different bodies.


Balance, anchoring, centering, free flow of energy, for a more fluid life



Bioénergie the Life Energy

 Bioénergétic complete scann

With the bioenergetic reading or scann you will know:


the size of your vital field

the length of your chakras

your resonant frequency

the color of your AURA

the size of your tubes of perception: mediumnity,  claire voyance, claire feeling…

the presence of blockages, energy parasites, or entities


which will allow you to know and understand yourself better.


Bilan bioénergetique complet

Le bilan dure 2 heures et un soin est prodigué en fonction des problématiques rencontrées.