L'Equilibre entre Terre et Ciel


Médecine de L'habitat

Geobiology is a science that allows us to understand the interaction between living things and their places of life.


My job is to detect all the nuisances and energy pollution that could harm the inhabitants and remedy them.


Geobiology is for people who wish to live in a healthy place or who suffer the harmful effects of their habitat and wish to resolve them.


Our homes are often the cause of many pathologies such as insomnia, fatigue, lack of energy, sleep disorders, lack of concentration, health problems, physical pain, psychological or emotional problems, and even sometimes professional.


I offer you a complete and global work where all the pollution and nuisance of your habitat will be detected and harmonized.

Pollution in places of life is numerous: veins of water, faults, telluric networks,

electromagnetic pollution (electric current, telephones, wifi, wireless, electric meter ...), waveforms, memories of places, entities, charged objects, spells ...


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I travel throughout France and Europe


Possibility of working remotely





Energy Circuits 

The energy circuits are subtle installations where presences and energetic phenomena are set up outside in your garden, forest or inside in a special room for your personal practices.


You will be able to benefit fully and without limit from powerful energies such as those found in sacred places.


According to your needs and your requests different circuits are possible and will act on:

Anchoring and stability

Grounding and purification

Meditation and reliance

Joy of life and lightness

Healing and regeneration

Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine

Relaxation and relaxation

Activation of perceptions

Inspiration and creativity




Geobiology is also intended for:

Agricultural and livestock buildings






Services supplementaires:

Détection de veines d'eau

Harmonisation de votre jardin

Experience of more than a hundred expertise