L'Equilibre entre Terre et Ciel

 LVA Review

In less than a minute, the LVA gives you a very complete overview of your energy and psychological state.


Its strength is to decode (biological decoding) then to represent, in the form of figures, texts or graphics, a multitude of information such as your karmic and transgenerational memories, what happened during your birth or during your childhood, what you are going through now and will probably continue to live in the future.


With the LVA, you can directly or indirectly measure the vibrational signature of a living being and a material.


There are no limits in the possibilities of measurements and analyzes: people, animals, plants, trees, food, drinks, habitat, natural places, crystals, experiences, therapies, music, song, speech, atmosphere, etc.


The assessment gives us access to several parameters such as the alignment and the average energy state of the bodily and extracorporeal chakras, from the physical to the spiritual plane, it allows us to visualize the energy state of the Chinese meridians.


Visualization of aura disturbances, such as astral cysts, mental sabotage as well as energy charges (transgenerational balls, thoughts or limitations).


Applications for individual fulfillment

- self-awareness
- identification of excessive, unnecessary or limiting functioning and behavior
- awareness by priority of their bodily and mental needs
- psycho-energetic comparison between self-image and given image (coherence)
- highlighting transgenerational patterns, linked to family or linked to childhood
- measurement of future projections (projects, decision to be taken) to make a conscious choice
- measure of the impact of one person on another, effect of the relationship
- possibility to follow its evolution or to notice the effect of various practices
- memories currently awake
- professional situation


Applications in the field of therapies

- psycho-energetic analysis of a person to better define the therapeutic act
- visualization of the evolution of the emotional and mental charges of the client
- control of the durability of the positive effect of a therapy
- search for the drug or remedy best suited to a person
- research of beneficial or negative psycho-energetic effects of a remedy
- help with the creation of personalized remedies


Following the assessment, work intentions and a choice of corrective frequencies guide the treatment.


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