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 Quantique Device

In less than a minute, the LVA® gives you a very complete overview of your energetic and psychological state, based on your Vibratory Signature.

The purpose of LVA® is to become aware of who you are, what you experience and what you radiate. Its main strength lies in the relevance of its psychological interpretation system, which allows you to go back to the source of your problems (experiences or memories) and to establish links with certain behaviors, functioning patterns or chronic pain.


The LVA® allows you to create personalized files for a vibratory harmonization of your subtle bodies, your organs, your meridians or even to work on a specific personal problem. There is no limit to the possibilities of psychological measurement, analysis and interpretation: person, team, animal, plant, minerals, soil, object, jewel, food, medicine, habitat, natural place, sacred places, experience, altered states of consciousness, bodily practice, therapy, music, singing, speech, ambience, etc.

The LVA® is a system specifically adapted to therapists and mediums: quite simply because it was not designed by physicists, but by holistic therapists with a long professional experience. It has a quantum and integrative approach, in the sense that it does not neglect any aspect of the human, it takes into account the spiritual dimensions often neglected by other machines for the diagnosis of pathology.

Bilan LVA

The LVA report gives access to your vibratory signature, which allows:

To have a deeper self-knowledge

Know the alignment and energetic state of our Chakras from the physical to the spiritual level Identify excessive, destructive or limiting functioning and behavior

Become aware of our priorities,

our bodily and mental needs Highlight transgenerational patterns,

linked to family or childhood

Follow your spiritual evolution or see the effect of certain practices


A high-quality device at the service of your health This assessment will allow you to understand your current problems, to have an overview or to detect the origin of an imbalance in order to be able to transform. The balance sheet is a precious tool for healing and awakening our Being.


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