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Cycle worhshop Bioenergy






Formation on differents cycles



Cycle 1:         7 sessions of 2 days


This cycle allows you to approach all aspects of bioenergy, vital field, axes, chakras, extrasensory perceptions, the different bodies, internal alchemy, energy measures and treatments, family and karmic memories. You have a comprehensive understanding of energy systems and the ability to provide bioenergetic healing.





Cycle 2:        2 sessions of 5 days

This cycle will allow you to go deeper into bioenergy and quantum healing. Have a more precise vision and understanding of the body, of its links and interactions with the subtle. To be able to act precisely on the energy systems, the glands, the organs, the different bodies. Act concretely at the quantum level.



It's better to follow the entire cycle




Objectifs de cette formation:

  • Become aware of yourself
  • Develop your feelings
  • Control your extrasensory perceptions
  • Understand and act on your energy, emotional and mental systems
  • Take the time over 1 year to develop your potential
  • Increase your centering, anchoring and connection on all planes
  • Open your consciousness to the invisible
  • Being able to take care of yourself and others
  • Therapeutic aspects, Bioenergetic and Quantum treatments





Nous aborderons tous les aspects de la bioénergie à travers:

  • clair-felt, extrasensory perceptions,
  • internal feeling precise measurements of the vital field, the chakras, the tubes of perceptions
  • the different energy systems anchoring,
  • centering aura reading bioenergetic
  • care karmic and transgenerational memories
  • quantum medicine and care internal alchemy and much more ...



Si certaines dates ne vous conviennent pas vous pouvez toujours rattrapper les sessions manquées l'année suivante.



Le prix de la formation complète cycle 1 et cycle 2 est de 2300 euros


Cycle 1 :

Commitment to cycle 1 as a whole, you benefit from -10%, or 1400 euros for cycle 1. However, training weekends are open à la carte at the rate of 220 euros.



Cycle 2:  2 session of 5 days: 900€ (week for 500 euros - 100€ discount).



Benefit from 5% for all registrations 3 months in advance. For all registrations to the complete training you must commit by paying 30% of the total price of the training. For people who have already followed certain courses, it is possible to participate again and you will benefit from a rate of 30%




Lieu des stages:

Biocoop Echo nature

43000 Le Puy en Velay


Horaires  des stages:

9h30/12h30 et 14h 17h30

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Dates 2023:


Stage 1      7/8 avril  et le 29/30 avril

Stage 2     28/29 mai

Stage 3     17/18  juin       

Stage 4     15/16 juillet

Stage 5     16/17 septembre

Stage 6     14/15 octobre

Stage 7     4/5 novembre

Cycle 1

Initiation à la bioénergie et au clair ressenti - Stage 1


10/11 avril le Puy en Velay


20/21 mars    les Aymes 26 Chastel-Arnaud



During this course you will learn to know your energy systems, feel your vital fields, your chakras, the exchanges and the variations of the etheric body according to the external and internal influences. Energy cleaning, opening of consciousness, discovering the invisible, the subtle, Return to SELF.



Study of the energy body

How to use our etheric body and the energetic feeling on a daily basis

How to awaken your inner clairvoyance and feeling

Feel and measure your vital field

Discern what is favorable for oneself or not

Develop your feelings, your perceptions

Measure different things: food, stones, objects, place ...

Energy cleaning

Various practices and meditations to reconnect with oneself in consciousness





La base pour commencer à découvrir l'invisible

Conscience et 6ème sens - Stage 2


24/25 Avril


Deep meditations, develop your extrasensory capacities, essential module to access more perceptions and feelings. To be able to read and decode the information of the subtle planes, to know how to use your mediumship, your clairvoyance, your gifts.



Meditations to awaken our capacities

Deep meditations

Be aware of our "gifts" Meduimnity, intuition, clairvoyance

Reading information

Know and measure our perception channels

Experiment with frequencies and planes from above

Remove our blockages for more perception

Different exercises and practices to "test" our abilities

Open your consciousness and master your perceptions

Bioénergie - Alchimie interne   -   Stage 3


28/29 mai



Experiment and transform thanks to Bioenergy Healings and personal transformations, visit our wounds, our beliefs and limitations, to create order on the subtle planes.


In the program:

Internal alchemy

Act on your own energy systems

Grounding principle

Free yourself from certain memories

Create more order and structure on the different planes

Bring more Light into matter

Create more anchor and stability

Increase our focus, our energy density


Raise your vibratory frequency, purify your different bodies

Chakras  - Stage 4


September 11/12


Chakra studies in connection with the tradition and the Bioenergetic vision, understand their roles, really feel them.


In the program:

Exploration of all the Chakras

Bodily and extracorporeal chakras

The secondary chakras

Feel them, explore them

To be able to act on it Understand their symbolism, their functions Chakras and their links with organs, glands

Kundalini and opening of consciousness

Many exercises, meditations and practices related to the chakras

Mantra, sound, yoga


Know and explore your Chakras

Bioénergie  - Stage 5


16/17 october



Go deeper into Bioenergy Increase your feelings, your receptivity Be able to carry out complete bioenergetic assessments Understand ourselves and identify our wounds in order to free themselves from them



Become more aware of the ongoing interaction between you and your environment

Refine your feelings both internally and externally (clear-felt)

Experience our relationship with the invisible even more deeply

Precise measurements of the vital field, chakras, perception tubes

Become aware of our energy systems Emotional and mental body

Awaken our capacities, our potential


Master the bioenergetic balances and your capacities

Bioénergie - Soins  - Stage 6


20/21 novembre



This internship is there to begin a therapeutic approach to Bioenergy. Act on the etheric and emotional body. Energy cleanings, grounding.



Measure the different parameters of the energy body of others

Energy cleaning, System activations Begin to act on the energy systems of others

Magnetism and energy transfers

Locate and remove energy and emotional blockages

Identify energy leaks and treat them

Lacks and voids of energy

Act on the ethereal, emotional body

Emotional management


Conscious and transmute memories Energy care and therapeutic approaches

Bioénergie - Karmique et transgénérationnelle  - Stage 7


11/12 décember



Study of karma, family memories. Free ourselves from our memories.


In the program:

Concept of Karma Karmic memories,

Karmic debts Karmic tail Family memories

Explorations of our ancestors, our roots

Feel and become aware of the limitations, loads, blockages or qualities

Karmic and family releases

Integrate the qualities of certain memories

Explore the causal and ancestral plane

Dates cycle 1 -2023

Stage 1      7/8 avril  et le 29/30 avril

Stage 2     28/29 mai

Stage 3     17/18  juin       

Stage 4     15/16 juillet

Stage 5     16/17 septembre

Stage 6     14/15 octobre

Stage 7     4/5 novembre

Cycle 2

Bioénergie - Thérapeutique  - 5 jours        Stage 8   


15/19 novembre 2023


Action thérapeutique complète pour agir en profondeur sur plusieurs niveaux.

Apprendre à faire des soins sur les différents plans, du physique au Spirituel.



Au programme:


Etude du corps humain et anatomie

Systèmes nerveux, circulatoire, lymphatique...

Etude des organes, glandes...

Symbolique et information en lien avec les vertèbres, organes...

Décodage Bioénergétique

Plan et corps mental

Etude des plans et corps causal et spirituel

Libérations des vertèbres et articulations

Soins énergétiques et alchimiques

Libérations et soins du corps mental, causal et spirituel

Soins avec des présences invisibles, esprits de la nature, êtres de lumière...

Actions et positionnements thérapeutiques

Accompagnement thérapeutique

Bioénergie - Thérapie Quantique   - 5 jours       Stage 9


dates à venir...


Accéder à la thérapie Quantique, détecter des pathologies, informer et reprogrammer vos différents corps grâce au champ quantique.



Au programme:


Etude du Champ Quantique

Etude de la physique Quantique, Point Zero, relais d'informations

Les ondes Scalaires

Radiésthésie médicale

Détections  métaux lourds, tests alimentaires, dysfontionnements cellulaires

Actions sur les kystes, fibrome, calculs...

Agir sur les  parasites, les virus, les bactéries...

Reprogramation Quantique des cellules, organes, glandes, systémes...

Action néguentropique

Les stages se déroulent en intérieur et extérieur, prévoyez des vêtements adaptés et souples.

Chacun doit prévoir son pic-nic (possibilité d'acheter à manger dans les commerces ou restaurants à proximité suivant le lieu du stage), des boissons chaudes vous sont offertes durant la journée.






Les inscription se font par mail, sms ou directement par courrier.

Envoyez-moi vos nom et prénom, mail et numero de téléphone ainsi que le stage auquel vous souhaitez participer.


Pour valider votre inscription vous devez payer les arrhes d'un montant  30% du prix du stage soit par Paypal ou par courrier.


Damien Chauvy

820 chemin du Sarret

07310 Arcens


Je me réserve le droit d'annuler les stages 48h à l'avance, par manque de participants ou empéchement de ma part.

Certains stages en extérieur peuvent être annulés en fonction de la Méteo.



Conditions d'annulations:


Si vous annulez le stage 2 mois à l'avance, la totalité des arrhes vous seront rendus.

Entre 15 jours et 2 mois la moitié des arrhes vous seront rendus.

Moins de 15 jours avant le stage les arrhes ne seront pas rendus.