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Soins quantiques
médecine informationnelle


Quantum and scalar theories allow us to understand and accept that the physical body is a concentration of energy,

of information.


Our body, our bodies constantly bathe and receive information from the quantum field, and at the same time send back information in turn .


A complete scan of your quantum or scalar body is done thanks to my perceptions or in dowsing,


I can have access to several information such as:

Opening or connecting to the information field

Presence of malfunction due to electromagnetic waves

electro sensitivity

Presence of heavy metals, toxic products

Cellular dysfunction

Emotional shocks

Presence of stones, cysts, fibroids, nodules ...

Presence of parasites, viruses, lyme, candidiasis ...

Food compatibility

Emotional shocks ...

Energy state of organs, glands ..


Acting at the quantum level to restore a good and fair flow of information 1h / 50 euros


Bioénergy - Healing



This care acts on all health problems and difficulties at various levels.


Bioenergetic care allows:

- To understand our blockages

-The grounding of our emotional charges and obsessive thoughts

-To release ancestral memories and childhood wounds

-To restore energy circulation in areas lacking

- To rebalance and harmonize the energy of your organs and glands

- To remove mental sabotage, belief systems

- Correct offsets in the vertebrae and joints

- To remove many pains, even very old


To do these treatments, I use my clear feelings, certain extrasensory perceptions to "touch and see" the blockages that hinder the proper functioning of different bodies.


Bioenergy can also act on the higher planes and frequencies of being, 1h / 50 euros


Energy can thus circulate freely in the body again and restore balance and well-being.




AND to go further, I offer complete Bioenergetic assessments for a period of 2 hours






Soins à distance


I practice remote care for people who cannot or do not want to travel.


I just need a photo, complete "so you can see your feet and head".

We will have a phone conversation where we will talk about your health issues or concerns.

Following the discussion, I will undertake 3 remote treatments over three days, 1 per day, at a time set together.


I use my clairvoyance, mediumship and my feelings to be able to make a complete diagnosis and the energetic "corrections".


3 treatments / 90 euros






In the beginning was the sound



Each part of our body has its own natural vibration. Each cell vibrates and emits a vibratory signature of its own. When an imbalance occurs and the vibration of a part of the body is no longer at its natural frequency, it becomes disharmonious and disturbances can then set in. The sound, the vibrations and the information emitted by the sound therapy tools will come to "rectify" and reinform the various dysfunctional areas. The sound therapy treatment will therefore consist in bringing back harmony to areas of imbalance. The sounds produced vibrate the defective area until it returns to its natural frequency of good health. A real sound bath, inviting you to let go and wake up your vital energy. A sound therapy session gives you deep well-being, frees you from emotional blockages, stress, negative thoughts, relieves your pain, harmonizes the left and right hemispheres of your brain and improves your concentration and your creativity.


Deep reconnection with oneself by setting your cells in vibration.


Tarif: 45 min/50 euros

1h/60 euros



Reading the aura


Thanks to the bioenergetic balance you will know the size of your vital field,

the length of your chakras,

your resonance frequency, the color of your halo or aura,

the size of your tubes of perceptions / mediumship, clairvoyance, clear feeling ...

Your attributes or gifts of nature


which will allow you to know yourself better, to understand yourself.


We will also look to see if there are blockages, leaks, charges, energy parasites, or entities.


This type of assessment lasts about 2 hours, with measurement of all the bioenergetic parameters and a treatment.


Reading the aura 2h / 100 euros

Bilan bioénergetique

The objectives of these different practices allow you to choose

the path that suits you best.


It spends you relieving your ailments and health problems, healing your wounds, transmuting your blockages and limitations, finding harmony and feeling more centered, letting life flow fully within you.


Healing, anchoring, transformation, centering, free flow of energy



Open our consciousness

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