L'Equilibre entre Terre et Ciel

My path

My interest in understanding things and opening myself up to a wider world has always been present, which led me to seek other ways of living and seeing life when I was very young.


My taste for adventure and knowledge led me to travel abroad first in Southeast Asia where I started to “approach” Buddhism and meditation, then India where I I undertook a spiritual quest which made me meet different masters and live experiences that will remain engraved forever.


Then I met a geobiologist who opened my eyes to another world. I practice and continue my research in this vast science of geobiology.


Trained in care techniques in India, then in the Trame (Alchemical Healing), geobiology, energy care, magnetism, bioenergy, quantum-informational medicine, karmic and transgenerational release, mediumship.


I followed different schools such as the institute of applied geobiophysics and the Engineering of the place in Switzerland with Stéphane Cardinaux and Catherine Martin where I trained in bioenergy, geobiology, GDV and LVA assessment and in mind development and reading the information.


I develop my extrasensory capacities and I manage to use clear clairvoyance, and mediumship and my feelings to make readings, assessments, healing and precise and efficient geobiological expertise.


All these beautiful meetings opened my heart, my eyes and my conscience, I am grateful to them for their



In the meantime, I have undertaken long and intensive meditation retreats ranging from 10 days to several months. These periods when I was plunged into silence and self-awareness transformed me and completed this other vision of the world.


I devote my days to geobiology, energy care, and visiting sacred places.


Musician passionate about world music, I wanted to combine music and therapy by developing my interest in sound therapy.

My love and respect for nature made me live in the woods "a corner of paradise", as simply as possible, in contact with the elements and the spirits of nature.


I continue to practice meditation and various bodily techniques, and am interested in everything related to the awakening of our being.


I am on my way…